10 Photo Ideas for Anyone

Check out my top 10 photo ideas for anyone interested in a fun and creative shoot.

10 Photo Ideas for Anyone:

I get asked all the time "where should I go for a photo shoot?" (Don't worry, I will write a blog about this question one day!), but honestly, a lot of the time it's less about the location and more about having a storyline, a prop, or a theme. When a photo revolves around one of those, you create scroll-stopping magic.

Whether you are a top photographer, just starting out, or still rockin' an iphone camera, here are 10 photo ideas for anyone:

1) Buy Cellophane

I ordered this cellophane off of Amazon for $12. It was such a fun prop to play with! Here's a photo of a test shoot with a model showing off the cellophane - I love the texture it gives!

Buy Cellophane

2) Use Fruit

It's as easy as grabbing fruit and modeling with it - it also makes for a great snack after the shoot :) Here's a content creator and brand shoot where we put oranges in a basket as a prop.

Use Fruit

3) Pick Up Flowers

Buy some flowers at your local grocery store or go all out with a local florist - either way, using flowers can always up-level a shoot. Check out this photo I shot for a local brand that shows off a bouquet!

Pick Up Flowers

4) Listen to A Song

Pick a song and let it inspire you. This test shoot for a model was taken while listening to Taylor Swift's Folklore. We titled this shoot "A fairytale break up"

Listen to a Song

5) Choose a Color

Using color theory in photos will always naturally engage the eye - my favorite is to pick one and stick with it (monochromatic colors). Here is a self portrait that shows off blue.

Choose a Color

6) Use a Mirror

Mirrors are great for props in general, but I also love to shoot my subject in the mirror looking at themselves. It always creates a fun depth in the photo. Check out this creative portrait I shot through the side mirror of a bus.

Use a Mirror

7) Be Inspired by Clothes

This content creator shoot was really fun - with such a blank space, the clothes really carried the shoot and allowed us to think of cool poses that were inspired just from the pop of unique clothing. Pick a piece of clothing and let it spark creativity!

Be Inspired by Clothes

8) Try Out A Decade

Go all out with a decade and own it! Pro tip: Look at photos from that decade to even see poses that were popular at the time. This graduating senior shoot was so much fun because she loves the 70's!

Try Out a Decade

9) Shoot Through Glass

This one is a personal favorite because there's so much you can do with it! Create shadows, sun flares, or pops of color using window paint - it's endless really! Check out this photo of a graduating senior where I popped a glass out of its frame and sprayed it with water to made it look like it was raining outside.

Shoot Through Glass

10) Try Direct Sun

Don't fall into the myth that you can only take good photos during golden hour - shooting in pockets of sunlight usually turn out to be my favorite photos. Here's a photo from a test shoot I did for a model where we shot half of her in sunlight and the other half in shadow.

Try Direct Sunlight

I hope one of these ideas inspired you to go create! For more fun ideas, follow me on Instagram @alexblakephotography. Tag me if you use any of these ideas, I would love to see!